Beyond Dry January

I still vividly remember January of 2017 finishing dry January and knowing in my gut I needed to be done. I didn’t say it out loud to anyone but I knew. I made it until mid-February when we went on a ski trip with the kids. I remember sitting in a chair in the condo we had rented holding the drink in my hand and not wanting it but not knowing what else to do. Well…wanting it but not wanting it if that makes sense. Over the next 10 1/2 months, I had too many nights to count of staring at myself in the mirror before bed and fuzzily telling myself, “Stop, stop tomorrow” or simply “You’re gross” or a super fun combination of both.

So just a little note as Dry January ends: you don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to admit to a “problem”, you don’t have to know if this is long term or not… but if you have a little voice whisper screaming at you, listen to it…. it is only going to start getting louder. 
This week I am going to do a mini blog series with some of the most common questions I get along with some tips and prep to help get anyone who wants to go beyond January get started. You. Are. Not. Alone. I pinky promise. 

Come back tomorrow for: What do I tell people?

P.S. The other questions on my list are: What do I do at 5pm (or whenever)? How long do I have to commit to this? Now what? If you have any other question ideas, feel free to reach out, I can add them to the list or answer one on one!

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