Where Do I Start?

Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol? Are you justifying the amount you are drinking? Do you feel that “heart tug” telling you that something is off?

You are not alone and you are not broken. You don’t have to wait for rock bottom to realize that you want freedom. Recovery coaching can help guide you to the life you know you deserve. 

Beyond Dry January Question #3: How long do I have to commit to this?

One of the first questions I ask new clients is, “What is your short term goal and what is your long term goal?” THEN I immediately follow up with, “If you don’t have an answer, that’s okay.” Some people are very clear on exactly what they want to do and some are still figuring it…

Beyond Dry January Question #2: What do I do at 5pm/2pm/10pm/10am?

MAKE A PLAN. “But I am a spontaneous free spirit and I hate plans!” That is wonderful! I love that about you, MAKE A PLAN. The planing and prep actually begins WAY before your first drink. Set yourself up all day to still have will power leftover by the evening. In coaching, this can be…