I used to say out loud and in my head “I deserve this drink”. I felt like I earned it because I was a parent, I had a stressful day, I got in a fight with my husband, my kids were in summer vacation, work was annoying. I found a reason I “deserved” every day. 💕

I deserve so much more. I deserve to work through problems with my husband, I deserve to work hard and go to bed tired and satisfied. I deserve to see my children not as an excuse to drink but as a reason not to. ☀️The sun is out. Summer is here and the days are long. If you are looking for a season to make a change, it’s now. Create a summer that is refreshing and new. Leave behind what is stifling you.

4 responses to “I DESERVE MORE”

  1. I too ‘deserved’ it every day, but now I choose sobriety and I’m all the better off for it because I do deserve more. Great post, thanks for sharing!


    1. Sobriety has been the greatest gift and opened my eyes to how much I more I deserve!

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  2. I deserve a sober life because in my experience, it’s SO much better! After saying buh-bye to alcohol, my world got clearer and crisper. Then for medical reasons I slowly went off my anti-anxiety med with the help of my doc, and holy moly what a change. I’d been on it for so long, that now I’m off it, I feel like a real, fully-feeling person. And I don’t think I could’ve done it if I was still drinking. Sobriety has opened so many “brutiful” doors and I really love them all. Thank you for your sharing Cori and I hope you’re doing really well! 🙂


    1. Hi Jenn! I have found that sobriety has basically eliminated my anxiety and depression. I really had no idea how linked the two were until I quit drinking. I hope you are doing well also, I love seeing your FB updates!


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