All the things that force you to grow.


Holly Glenn Whitaker– Founder of Hip Sobriety, this woman shook my life up and taught me how to put it all back together in a way I didn’t know was possible. She doesn’t know my name but I love her.

Annie Grace– Author of This Naked Mind and host of This Naked Mind Podcast

Laura Mckowen– Author, blogger, and teetotaler

Gabby Bernstein– because come on. I rolled my eyes at her hard and then I came back and love it all.


This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Annie Grace– I think everyone should read this book. Whether or not you struggle with alcohol, if you come into it with an open mind, it will change the way you look at addiction, alcohol, and our screwed up relationship with it as a society. I will be forcing my kids to read it in high school.

The Judgement Detox: Gabby Bernstein– Life changing. We all have stuff that we carry around that doesn’t serve us. Let. It. Go. Frozen style.

You are a Badass: Jen Sincero– Love this book so much. So many of this style of books leave me with, “Okay, but how??”, I need a step by step, tell me what to do and this does it! I listened to the audio version and bought a hard copy to re-read. 

Awakening Joy: James Baraz– There is a place in recovery or really in all hard stuff that you don’t have room or space or care for joy. BUT it is so important. It is especially important in the middle of the pain, even if it’s forced for a while, it is yours to claim.

The Gifts of Imperfection and Braving the Wilderness: Brené Brown– Life changer, world changer, shame eradicator and love sharer.

The Power of Habit: by Charles Duhigg


HOME: Holly Glenn Whitaker and Laura Mckowen- Oh, sorry, that was just the sound of my heart breaking. This podcast recently ended but the old episodes are still on iTunes (hopefully forever). This podcast is real talk about recovery, life during and after. There are countless people that were inspired to take those first steps because if this podcast.

The Naked Mind Podcast: Annie Grace- She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things alcohol and has some great guests on. She also has short episodes that are reader questions that she answers.

My Favorite Murder- Because it makes me laugh out loud while running and because I read a book in middle school about the signs of a future serial killer and have loved true crime ever since.

SOOO Many White Guys- Also, laughter and my favorite kind of inappropriate humor.

This American Life, Serial, Radiolab, and all the true crime everything.

Honorable Mention Shoutouts

My insane tea collection. I used to hate you, now I can’t quit you.